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Dr Hall is a senior Brisbane neurosurgeon with broad experience in all aspects of neurosurgery. He expresses his diverse interests via his many roles. He is Managing Director and founder of Queensland Neurosurgery and Spine Surgery (QNS), Director of Neurosurgery at Greenslopes Private Hospital and Chairman of Neurosurgery at Princess Alexandra Hospital. Always enthusiastic about new technologies, he further contributes to Neurosurgical training and research via his positions with the RACS, the University of Queensland, and the Queensland Neurosurgery Research Foundation.  Dr Hall completed subspecialty training at preeminent centres in Cambridge and Liverpool in England.  He has presented at meetings throughout the world on a wide range of subjects. He has particular interest in stereotaxic neurosurgery for intracranial tumours, cerebrovascular surgery (aneurysms), movement disorder surgery, and spinal arthroplasty.